asquared games

porting games from 5-d to 2-d


This is mostly a post to test our resurrected social media network and its posting chain.

These last few months have been are quietest in a long time but also our most productive yet. We’ve got some announcements and introductions to make that will be coming very soon.

The speed and quality of production on Sleep has been wonderful and we have a lot to share.

rough of the church and graveyard i grew up next to for sleep.

posting an old design diagram for sleep to test if i did the tumblr to wordpress import setup right.


Post em if you got em!

A playground rough from a while back.

added pillow and some lighting. need to add a source, i think.

one time i saw zecmo “play” street fighter ii and part of me died inside.

adding some effect to the radio room.

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