chrono synclastic infundibulum


Last night I finally finished a book that has taken me way to long to complete. The Sirens of Titan is the latest Vonnegut I have read and whenever I’m done reading I want to pick up another one of his books right away. Instead I’m going to pick finish another book I started, TNT.


So far it has been a fun, pulpy, violent and dirty book that is unique among the things I’ve read so far.

I scanned the Wikipedia entry myself and learned a couple of interesting facts. Apparently, Vonnegut sold the rights for The Sirens of Titan to Jerry Garcia to make a movie out of, which I’m not the biggest fan of Jerry’s but I’m disappointed we’ll never get to see it. Also, very relevant to my interests in particular, Shigesato Itoi says that The Sirens of Titan was one of his inspirations for my favorite game OF ALL TIME AND FOREVER, Earthbound. :D


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