Off-fandom, but… anyone want to try out a game?

Dynamice A two player cooperative/competitive labyrinth race.  You are a mouse with a stick of dynamite strapped to you back and sixty seconds to live – unless you can find the cheese first.

Players take turns running the maze, and can see the footprints left by previous turns. The question to ask: is the other player running towards the cheese, or leading you into a trap?

Just a slap-dash core gameplay build for the Global Game Jam (48 hrs to create a game based on a theme), but it has potential so we’ll be polishing it for an official release.

(Feedback appreciated – askbox me or something if you have anything to say: like it or hate it or can’t figure out what’s going on. :P )

I tried the Windows version and I like it a lot. I love the art and I like the way it plays. My mice doubled up on top of each other at some point and I lost collision with the maze and items. Once my roommate wakes up I’ll get him to play it with me. Good work!

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