IndieCade Finalists


So we received an email a week or so ago telling us we didn’t make the cut for IndieCade.

At first I was little bummed, but things have been going pretty well overall; we even got a metion on IndieGames!

Now that the finalists for IndieCade have been posted, we REALLY don’t feel bad at all, haha.

Go ahead and take a look.

We were up against: Limbo, BIT.TRIP Runner, Continuity, VVVVVV, just to name a few.

All those game are great and they happen to be complete. We don’t mind in the slightest, but we’ll see you next year IndieCade, oh YES! You’ll see us again.

Updated demo, IndieCade delayed


So once again, we’ve been given a little more time to work on our indiecade submission. Two days to be exact.

Here is a new copy of the demo:

pre-alpha demo

and since i still cannot get the ClickOnce installer to work, you’ll still need to DL and install these two libraries:

xna framework 3.1

.net framework 3.5

I hope you internet peeps play it soon and report all the awesomeness that is had.

There are many more things functioning in the version, let us know how you like it!

And tells if you have problems with the game.

– a^2

so here’s the deal,


i need to get back to dev on the game.

i can’t figure out how to get the demo and the needed libraries into one installer.

so if you reeeeeaalllyy wanna play the demo, here’s what you’ll need:

xna framework 3.1

.net framework 3.5

pre-alpha demo

that SHOULD work.

if it doesn’t, please send all hate mail to

back to dev.

ps: sorry for sucking

thank the gods


So I went to commit our incomplete pre-alpha demo of sleep to IndieCade and I was overjoyed by what I saw on the main page.

That’s right, they extended the deadline, fuck yeah.

This is really awesome for us. I’d say our entity engine is very near completion in a lot of ways and with these three extra weeks, I think we’ll be able to get MUCH more into the demo.

We FINALLY put up a demo on the sleep site.
And can be downloaded directly here.

Things are moving right along…
Every time we submit a new version to IndieCade, we’ll update the DL link and make a new blog post.

Come back for more!!



We’d like to take a minute and congratulate the third member of a^2.
Matt starts his new job today.
Embarking on a childhood fantasy that many would covet.
He’s now a character modeler for Cartoon Network’s New Media department.
“Congratulations, you got the job!”

Also, I noticed this gift he left me last night during our weekly meeting:
// Draw the foreground
// Stop being gay
// Add Furry sex
ident.SexchangeOperation = true
for (int.pubicWig.lice.itch; ++int)
for (int i = 0; i < bgs.Length; ++i) { if (camera.IsObjectVisible(bgs[i].Position, bgs[i].CollisionLayer)) bgs[i].DrawForeground(gameTime, spriteBatch, camera); } I’d like to note that matt has very little knowledge of coding. Thank you for your contribution.

wren came to work today


and here is what she had to say about it:

lp;gby;/fgv.;/xc .;’/’?


the best game designer we've got

the best game designer we've got

that’s all she had to say.

she totally was NOT a distraction.
it was a good day.