sleep cycle complete


I forced myself to take a break after GDC because I starting to get burnt out. This was very difficult because I returned from San Fran pumped and eager to implement new ideas into Sleep.

I spent that time beating Heavy Rain (thanks matt for the letting me bum your ps3,) playing the newly released Perfect Dark on XBLA and re-arranging my living room. I also celebrated one more of my revolutions around sun.

Now that vacation is over, we are going to complete Block Shooter and keep working on the battle system on Sleep.

Maybe later this week I’ll write up some of my thoughts on Heavy Rain.

Atlanta Game Development Meetup


The entire team made it to the Atlanta Game Development meetup last night in Roswell, GA.

It was a nice breather from the stress of GDC.

We got show off our teaser demo of Sleep again. And was once again well received.

Brad, the organizer of the meetup and lead game designer for New Media at CN, really seemed to enjoy the demo. He gave us some good feedback and we played with some ideas of how to improve our combat system.

Attendance was down last night compared to the last two months, but there was much still much discussion of xna, unity and c#.

We’ll be there next month as well. If you are interested in game dev and live in the Atlanta area, come out to the meetup.

GDC 2010


Back in GA. My first GDC experience was awesome.
Met a lot of cool people.

Got to hang out with Kill Space.

I updated our twitter with frequent updates. Check that out if you’re curious where I was.

Showed the demo off in the back of the expo, in hotel rooms, and once in a stair well.

Overall, our teaser demo seemed well received. It feels good that people had a good understanding of what we are attempting to achieve. Some people even said it in some ways reminded them of Earthbound. That makes me happy in ways I can’t really convey.

We shall endeavour to update more frequently and also plan to put up our teaser for DL soon.

Stay tuned for more updates : D