IndieCade Finalists


So we received an email a week or so ago telling us we didn’t make the cut for IndieCade.

At first I was little bummed, but things have been going pretty well overall; we even got a metion on IndieGames!

Now that the finalists for IndieCade have been posted, we REALLY don’t feel bad at all, haha.

Go ahead and take a look.

We were up against: Limbo, BIT.TRIP Runner, Continuity, VVVVVV, just to name a few.

All those game are great and they happen to be complete. We don’t mind in the slightest, but we’ll see you next year IndieCade, oh YES! You’ll see us again.

Updated demo, IndieCade delayed


So once again, we’ve been given a little more time to work on our indiecade submission. Two days to be exact.

Here is a new copy of the demo:

pre-alpha demo

and since i still cannot get the ClickOnce installer to work, you’ll still need to DL and install these two libraries:

xna framework 3.1

.net framework 3.5

I hope you internet peeps play it soon and report all the awesomeness that is had.

There are many more things functioning in the version, let us know how you like it!

And tells if you have problems with the game.

– a^2

thank the gods


So I went to commit our incomplete pre-alpha demo of sleep to IndieCade and I was overjoyed by what I saw on the main page.

That’s right, they extended the deadline, fuck yeah.

This is really awesome for us. I’d say our entity engine is very near completion in a lot of ways and with these three extra weeks, I think we’ll be able to get MUCH more into the demo.

We FINALLY put up a demo on the sleep site.
And can be downloaded directly here.

Things are moving right along…
Every time we submit a new version to IndieCade, we’ll update the DL link and make a new blog post.

Come back for more!!



We’d like to take a minute and congratulate the third member of a^2.
Matt starts his new job today.
Embarking on a childhood fantasy that many would covet.
He’s now a character modeler for Cartoon Network’s New Media department.
“Congratulations, you got the job!”

Also, I noticed this gift he left me last night during our weekly meeting:
// Draw the foreground
// Stop being gay
// Add Furry sex
ident.SexchangeOperation = true
for (int.pubicWig.lice.itch; ++int)
for (int i = 0; i < bgs.Length; ++i) { if (camera.IsObjectVisible(bgs[i].Position, bgs[i].CollisionLayer)) bgs[i].DrawForeground(gameTime, spriteBatch, camera); } I’d like to note that matt has very little knowledge of coding. Thank you for your contribution.

Zecmo is back from GDC and Block Shooter is ready to roll


Some of the team got to visit America’s second best city, San Francisco, and be surrounded by game design luminaries all week.

Some of the team stayed here and played games and got some work done. Kind of. I have recently acquired Bioshock 2 and Final Fantasy XIII and one of them is definitely holding my attention much better. Hint; It’s not Final Fantasy.

The GDD for out next project is finished and some of the rough art is done. Scheduling should follow. Should.

I can’t wait for summer and all that entails.

Atlanta Game Development Meetup


The entire team made it to the Atlanta Game Development meetup last night in Roswell, GA.

It was a nice breather from the stress of GDC.

We got show off our teaser demo of Sleep again. And was once again well received.

Brad, the organizer of the meetup and lead game designer for New Media at CN, really seemed to enjoy the demo. He gave us some good feedback and we played with some ideas of how to improve our combat system.

Attendance was down last night compared to the last two months, but there was much still much discussion of xna, unity and c#.

We’ll be there next month as well. If you are interested in game dev and live in the Atlanta area, come out to the meetup.

GDC 2010


Back in GA. My first GDC experience was awesome.
Met a lot of cool people.

Got to hang out with Kill Space.

I updated our twitter with frequent updates. Check that out if you’re curious where I was.

Showed the demo off in the back of the expo, in hotel rooms, and once in a stair well.

Overall, our teaser demo seemed well received. It feels good that people had a good understanding of what we are attempting to achieve. Some people even said it in some ways reminded them of Earthbound. That makes me happy in ways I can’t really convey.

We shall endeavour to update more frequently and also plan to put up our teaser for DL soon.

Stay tuned for more updates : D

Art History of Games was Replete with Sesquipedalian Confabulation.

as_banner_sleep_AHOGSo this weekend we were fortunate enough to get to go to The Art History of Games here in Atlanta. For myself to gain entry, I had to promise to get an IGDA tattoo somewhere on my body and film it which should be happening sometime in the near future.

As far as general content of the conference went, most of it was peripheral to the mindset I have when it comes to designing games or evaluating games. I have never been one to try to quantify a game’s essential artness or care about it’s claims to such. I see games like Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, Katamari, Braid and many, many others as “artful” games while others like Passage, September 12, or The Marriage I see as “art” games. I like having all these games and think that they are all important milestone for our game development community but I have absolutely NO interest in arguing their artistic merit to anyone from the art community.

I think Ian Bogost brought up a good point about games being more than art and art being broken anyways. After this conference and my research since I am finding myself agreeing more and more with this sentiment. I honestly thought this “Are Videogames Art?” question was over with and this conference was going to be more of a retrospective. I know the question of what is the value of even asking whether videogames are art was brought up, but I don’t feel like I ever heard a substantive answer. Maybe if it’s the archivist point of view like Romero’s, then I can understand that but I’m just tired of trying to prove to people that we are part of a system that’s broken anyways.

I definitely have more to say on this as the conference was incredible and very thought provoking for me even if I tended to disagree with a lot of what was said. In the end it made me realize that my creative process when it comes to games is far simpler than anything these people were saying and it made me very happy.

So back to the Sleep demo for now, more thoughts later.

PS. Jason Rohrer is taller than pretty much anyone you know.

GDC is coming. And so is Zecmo.

as_banner_sleep_outlinesSo it’s that time of year again. The time of year where I get to sit at home and be jealous of all the slags who get to attend Mecca for game development, GDC. Barring any miracle of circumstance I will not be attending this year but it looks like Zecmo may grace the unwashed game dev masses with his lovely presence in March.

What this means for us on the dev side means polishing up our Sleep demo so he can show off all our hard work from the past year. And by polish I mean finish the remaining 50% of work left to make it presentable.

My first assignment is to finish up the rough outlines for the Demo areas to be passed off to or illustrious illustrator, Matt.

This is what I will be doing for the next two weeks I’m sure.

Next will be some more enemy design and roughs, again for Matt to make palatable.

It’s going to be a busy month, I know, but busy in a way that feels good like crunch time can if you love what you’re doing.