Deadlines and Livewires


So we are making our final push to get some more content into our pre-alpha Sleep demo before the IndieCade 2010 submission deadline is up on June 1st. The good thing is that the code base Zecmo has put into place is making adding new features in a much more timely process. We should have a new site for Sleep up soon with a download link so anyone can try out the demo.



We’d like to take a minute and congratulate the third member of a^2.
Matt starts his new job today.
Embarking on a childhood fantasy that many would covet.
He’s now a character modeler for Cartoon Network’s New Media department.
“Congratulations, you got the job!”

Also, I noticed this gift he left me last night during our weekly meeting:
// Draw the foreground
// Stop being gay
// Add Furry sex
ident.SexchangeOperation = true
for (int.pubicWig.lice.itch; ++int)
for (int i = 0; i < bgs.Length; ++i) { if (camera.IsObjectVisible(bgs[i].Position, bgs[i].CollisionLayer)) bgs[i].DrawForeground(gameTime, spriteBatch, camera); } I’d like to note that matt has very little knowledge of coding. Thank you for your contribution.