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I spent most of my gaming time this weekend playing L’Abbaye des Morts, the latest game from Locomalito. The setting is 13th century France when the Cathars were being forced out of the Church. The player takes on the role of Jean Raymond who seeks refuge in an old abandoned church with something sinister deep inside. The music and the art are spot on for the mood and story of the game. The gameplay and controls feel great as well. Hopefully I will finish making my way through this soon.
I’m finally starting Terranigma which I have really been looking forward to doing due to the fact that Secret of Mana is one my favorite games. I’m really happy to have a game like this to play from my favorite era of console gaming.
Started playing this last night and it was awesome to be fighting the hordes again. I didn’t figure out many weapon combos yet but I will be trying everything under the sun when I get another chance to play. So far I like the story and this time it’s a little easier for me to relate to the situation than it was with Frank. I think the Dead Rising franchise is my favorite thing Capcom has done this generation of gaming.

Congratulations Zecmo

One more of our illustrious asquared elite has joined the rank and file of Cartoon Network recently. Zecmo has gone on to join the Fusion Fall team to help with user interaction and gameplay. Just because most of the team is working for the man now we are still working on Sleep and looking at some proposed projects we will fill you in on when we settle on them.

Here’s a short interview that transpired this morning:
wolf: is there anything i cant say about your new position or current project on the blog?
zecmo: not that i know of
fusion fall info is cool
working on version 2.0
unity 3d, c#
wolf: and your feelings about your new job in 3 words?
zecmo: super turbo perfundo

Congratulations Zecmo. :D

IndieCade Finalists


So we received an email a week or so ago telling us we didn’t make the cut for IndieCade.

At first I was little bummed, but things have been going pretty well overall; we even got a metion on IndieGames!

Now that the finalists for IndieCade have been posted, we REALLY don’t feel bad at all, haha.

Go ahead and take a look.

We were up against: Limbo, BIT.TRIP Runner, Continuity, VVVVVV, just to name a few.

All those game are great and they happen to be complete. We don’t mind in the slightest, but we’ll see you next year IndieCade, oh YES! You’ll see us again.