From the high desert of Atlanta

The last couple of months for asquared has been a time of flux. Things have changed a lot from the last time we posted on here but most everything for the better. Sleep is getting a special amnount of attention that it honestly needs right now. Hopefully by the end of February we will have a new and improved demo up for you all to play with some new mechanics and areas to explore.

As far as games I’ve been playing, it’s been Minecraft, Dragon Age: Origins, Team Fortress 2, and Limbo.

Minecraft has been a lot of fun but until I get a computer that runs it better and get on my friend’s server I’m putting that time sink on hold.

I think my favorite things about Dragon Age are the dialogue and the voice acting. The choices are interesting if not always meaningful and the quality of the writing is very impressive. The personalities of the characters really come through by means of the words and how well they are spoken. Combat for me is a bit dull but the story is enough for me to stick with it for now.

Team Fortress 2 never gets old. Never.

I finally worked my way through this great game and will be going back through to find all the eggs. The puzzling was great, the ambiance was amazing, and the deaths were shocking. The overall package of Limbo was so well executed that I can’t wait for the second playthrough.

Anyways, that’s it for now as we decide how we are going to wrap up Sleep this year. Zecmo should have an update from the Lone Star state soon.