Porting Roy-G-Blam to XNA

I enrolled in a programming class on reddit and decided I would use it as an opportunity to port my GameMaker game over to XNA while I’m waiting to get GMHTML5. I took a really crappy video with Fraps an uploaded it so I could show it to some people while I’m in the process.
roy-g-blam <--- video link here. This is my first week's homework assignment which is late but exists. I plan on spending a lot more time on this second week's course work as I will actually have more time. I just followed some super simple XNA tutorials and sample code to get started so I’m looking forward to spending some time embellishing on the basics. I guess I should make these assignments in at least 4.0 not 3.1. :/
http://www.mediafire.com/?e562sg2xi3svny1 <--- homework link here. homework link with keyboard controls
I tried getting Allegro 5 setup but didn’t have much luck before my frustration won out and seeing how our biggest current project is in XNA I figured this would be a better solution anyways. I still want to try out LOVE but that will have to wait until I’m all caught up on everything.