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teabeforewar: Off-fandom, but… anyone want to try out a game? Dynamice!  A two player cooperative/competitive labyrinth race.  You are a mouse with a stick of dynamite strapped to you back and sixty seconds to live – unless you can find … Continue reading

5:11am Global Game Jam

Things are going well here at SCAD Atlanta. Everyone in this main room has left or gone to bed now.

I’ve been using Love2D most of the day with a lot of great results. I’ve used a bunch of tutorials and will try to list them all tomorrow but this is the one that I’m using/stuck on now. For some reason the player object goes the wrong way (up) when told to jump. I tried just flipping the gravity but she just falls through every object below her that way.

I think I should get some rest before the sun comes up. I hate seeing the sun rise after being up all night.


A Little Bit On The Skateboarding Side: This is footage from this past October’s “Leeside Halloween Jam” at the Leeside Skatepark in Vancouver, BC. It’s pretty much just a bunch of grown men in silly costumes shredding the gnar and crashing into each other in an abandoned graffiti-covered transit tunnel as assorted fireworks go off.

God, I wish I could have been there, but my bone density isn’t what it used to be and my night probably would have ended with a trip to the E.R.

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