GDC 2010


Back in GA. My first GDC experience was awesome.
Met a lot of cool people.

Got to hang out with Kill Space.

I updated our twitter with frequent updates. Check that out if you’re curious where I was.

Showed the demo off in the back of the expo, in hotel rooms, and once in a stair well.

Overall, our teaser demo seemed well received. It feels good that people had a good understanding of what we are attempting to achieve. Some people even said it in some ways reminded them of Earthbound. That makes me happy in ways I can’t really convey.

We shall endeavour to update more frequently and also plan to put up our teaser for DL soon.

Stay tuned for more updates : D

New project in the works!


We are now in the final design/beginning production stages of a new small scale game. We are going in a different direction with this one so it should be a nice break from the norm for us. I don’t want to say too much now; I’ll leave that up to the other Adam.

Hope you all had some good holiday times with your nearest and dearest.